Red and White Jumping Spider

I found this beautiful tiny jumping spider (family: Salticidae) in my grapes plant. It has a beautiful white body with red strips and yellow legs.

Red and white Jumping Spider pictures


The Messenger of Nemesis said...

these are really very nice pics. I have never seen these type of red & white spider. Good job I must say!
BTW which camera u r using to capture pics from so near of the subject?
these days me too trying my hands in photography...but still just a button pusher :)
I will be very glad if u plz comment on my pics and suggest some way to improve my skill. here is the link

Osaid said...

I've also seen it in my house many times.

birdy said...

Hi The Messenger of Nemesis!
Thanks for the comment and appreciation. The pictures in this post are taken with Fujifilm Finepix F20 camera. The other camera I'm using is Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T9. Personally I don't have any knowledge of photography, just started photography as hobby to kill the time.

birdy said...

Hi Osaid!
Thanks for visiting my blog. Your comment is highly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

this spider is called 鋸艷蛛 Epocilla calcarata

Anonymous said...

this is an epocilla spider