Heroin Addict

If you visit Peshawar or some other big cities of NWFP, you will find a number of people sitting or laying by road sides like in the photos below. These are heroin addicted people. Generally they inject or smoke heroin openly with no restriction. Our government officials and other law enforcing agencies have no control over heroin dealers. Actually they are not interested to control this abuse. Pakistan has the highest population of heroin addicts in the world. According to 2005 statistics there are about 3.20 million heroin addicts in Pakistan. What we can do is just pray, May God save us and our young generation from this abuse.

Heroin Addict Pictures
heroin addict Picture
heroin addict Picture

Say Yes To Life, Say No To Drugs


papercages said...

Drugs have ravaged our young people worldwide. It is sad and frightening.

birdy said...

Your are true Tricia. Druge abuse, particularly heroin is a mater of great concern for the whole world.

Osaidullah Kehar said...

I don't think he has taken some kind of drugs or whatever. Just look at his hands and feet..
If you've seen a real "Heeroinchi" you can understand.

birdy said...

Thanks for your comment Osaidullah Kehar. I don't have any experience to recognize a heroin addict from his hands or feet. But this is a photo of a real heroin addict.

Anonymous said...

I just lost a dear friend to herion, he was on a plane in route to his mothers wedding and carried back as a carry on. He struggled many years with his addiction. Such a wonderful successful man when not using but he just couldn't stop and refused treatment. God Bless he is at peace now and will not suffer this terminal disease ever again. If you read this and your a user, I beg you to open your mind and get help, give life a chance

birdy said...

Hi Anonymous!
This is really a sad story. I can feel your emotions. May God bless the soul of your friend. Thanks for the comment and your valuable advice.