Rangoon Creeper

Rangoon Creeper (Combretum indicum or Quisqualis indica), also known as the Chinese honeysuckle is a vine with red flower clusters in the family Combretaceae. It's found in Asia and other parts of the world either as a cultivated ornamental or run wild. It's a ligneous vine that can reach from 2.5 meters to up to 8 meters. The leaves are elliptical with an acuminate tip and a rounded base. They grow from 7 to 15 centimeters and their arrangement is opposite. The flowers are fragrant and tubular and their color varies from white to pink to red.

Rangoon Creeper


photographers Seattle said...

Nice one! I like the outfit of the characters. Wish i could do the same thing too but im not that techie.i like the outfit of “from farmer to warden”.. really interesting.

Kiran palwasha said...

Peach color looks so beautiful.

Giga said...

Są śliczne i ciekawie muszą wyglądać zmiany kolorów. Pozdrawiam.
They are beautiful and interesting to have to look to change colors. Yours.

svetlozar said...

Very interesting blog :)