Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore

Minar-e-Pakistan (National Tower of Pakistan) is a tall minaret in Iqbal Park Lahore, built in commemoration of the Pakistan Resolution (Qarardad-e-Pakistan), passed on March 23, 1940. In this resolution Muslim League demand for a separate country, Pakistan. This was the first official declaration to establish a separate homeland for the Muslims living in the South Asia. Pakistan now celebrates this day (Pakistan day) as a national holiday each year.
The tower was designed by Naseer-ud-Deen Murat Khan. The foundation stone was laid on March 23, 1960. The construction took eight years of time, and was completed in 1968. The Minar was completed on 31 October 1968 at an estimated cost of Rs. 7.5 million.
The base of the tower is raised approximately 4 meters from the ground. It rises up to approximately 13 meters. forming a sculpted, flower-like base. From this point it tapers as it rises. The base platform is shaped like a 5-point star and it encloses crescent shaped pools. The overall height of Minar-e-Pakistan is approximately 60 meters.

Minar-e-Pakistan Pictures
pakistan minar
pakistan minar
pakistan minar
Minar-e-Pakistan Model


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