Ashwagandha-Withania somnifera

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is a medicinal plant in Solanaceae or nightshade family, which is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. In Pakistan it grows wildly on fields sides and uncultivated lands and reach a height of about 5 to 6 feet. Ashwagandha is also known by a number of other names like Indian ginseng, Winter cherry, Ajagandha and Kanaje Hindi etc. In domestic language Pashto it's called Koti lal (Koti=ball, Lal= red), may be because of its red colored round fruit. In Urdu Ashwagandha is called Asgandha or Asgund (اسگند).
I've grown a few Ashwagandha plants at my farmhouse this year. Now the plants are about three months old. I have grown them for personal use and will try to validate it medicinal properties. I'm also interested in growing it commercially, but I will first search for its market.

Ashwagandha-Withania somnifera
Ashwagandha-Withania somnifera Plant
Ashwagandha Plant
Ashwagandha-Withania somnifera Plant
Ashwagandha Plant
Ashwagandha-Withania somnifera Plant
Ashwagandha Plant
Ashwagandha-Withania somnifera Leaves
Ashwagandha Leaves
Ashwagandha-Withania somnifera FLowers
Ashwagandha Flower
Ashwagandha-Withania somnifera Fruits
Ashwagandha Fruits
Ashwagandha-Withania somnifera Fruits
Ashwagandha Fruits
Ashwagandha-Withania somnifera Seeds
Ashwagandha Seeds
Ashwagandha-Withania somnifera Root
Ashwagandha Root


Sharodindu said...

I never knew that the Ashwaganda and Poshta is the same...In Bengali we call it Poshto! many common things we do share...

Nice post!

Original Wood Door Maker in LA said...

Beautiful photos, especially of the berry details. I also like the description of the plant. So happy I stumbled here.

Bejeus said...

Very nice blog!
And I expect you to visit my blogs.

Zindagi said...

Hello nice blog

Here in himachal, last year Govt has distributed medicinal plants to every household to encourage greenery and reduce carbon footprints. We were given Ashwaganda plant, I am growing it in Pot and its been doing good!

Will post about it some time later

Thanks for following my blog.

thesimplekind said...

Nice pictures, good detail in them. I loved the info too, learn something new everyday!

Aijaz said...

First Of All Thanks For Wonderful Post. I got lot's of information about it. Kindly Can You Can Tell Me Where Can I Get Ashwagandha Root In Karachi?

Birdy said...

Thanks Aijaz for your visit and comment, much appreciated. Not sure about exact store in Karachi, but it's available almost at all Hakeem shops. It's known as Asgand, so you have to ask for Asgand.

HAMID awam said...

Thankyou sir,,you shared very useful information with us about Withania somnifera,,,sir you have also given some of its domestic names,,, please tell me where can i find this plant in peshawar or its nearby areas

Anna Mian said...

May i know from where i can get this plant.

Birdy said...

Sorry Anna Mian for the late response. The Ashwagandha Roots are commonly available in herbal stores in Pakistan and India. You have to ask for "Asgand" a local name of Ashwagandha.

Ahmad Mahboob said...

Aoa. So glad to have found your blog. Im from lahore. Can you please guide me whether to grow this plant after winter s or right away. Need it for personal use too. If you are still growing yours. Can i buy one or two from you? Awaiting your reply. Regards. Ahmad

Birdy said...

Thanks Ahmad Mehboob for your visit and comment, much appreciated. I have stopped growing the plant. If you want to use the plant for medical purposes, I suggest you to use Homeopathic medicine Ashwagandha extract. If you still interested in growing the plant, I will try to send you seeds, if I locate in my house.

Ehsan Ullah said...

I am Ehsan Ullah From Mandi Bahauddin. I Uses the roots of Ashwagandha, I crush them and boil in water. I use 2 table spoon of this syrup daily for 3 months I get great health benefits, lowering cholesterol level, vitality , weight loss and enhanced brain function.

If some one had better idea to use Ashwagandha root kindly share with me my cell no is +923335682572

Birdy said...

Thanks Ehsan Ullah for your comment and sharing your experience. Personally I boil a small piece of Ashwagandha root in a cup of milk and drink it, But didn't notice any positive change so for, except wavy dreams.

nadeem ahsan said...

anybody could plz tell me if I can buy ashwagandha in rwp?

Birdy said...

Thanks Nadeem Ahsan for your visit and query. You can bye it from almost any herbal store there. Just ask for Asgand.

tahir iqbal said...

Delighted to read that all and i also got the urdu name for ashwagandha here thanks Mr.Birdy.I also need urdu names for two herbs i will mention below.I am in very difficult situation now mentally plz some one post the names for
1.Gotu Kola


Qazi Anees said...

Nice effort.
Why did you give up growing this medicinal plant. I locate this plant through scouting and plan to get its roots afresh.

Muhammad Quresh said...

Thanks Qazi Anees for your visit and comment, much appreciated. There is no specific reason, but eventually lost interest in growing the plant.

Qazi Anees said...

Dear Muhammad Quresh I have located few wildly grown plants of ashwagandha. I am not sure when is the appropriate time to harvest. Your expert opinion is solicited please.

Muhammad Quresh said...

@Qazi Anees:
This is the best time for harvesting ashwagandha, but again it depends on the age of plants. If the berries are ripened (red in color) then you should harvest them.

Zaain Chaudhry said...

Hello Assalam o Alaikum
Could you please help me sujjest from which herbal store could i find powder of ashwagandha (herbal store) similar to himalaya's

Muhammad Quresh said...

W.Salam Zaain Chaudhry!
Sorry I cannot help in this regard as I don't have any knowledge about such stores.

Qazi Anees said...

Mr Zaain Chaudhry,
Herbal store in simple words is PANSAR KI SHOP OR Pansari de hutti.Ask for Asgand which is commonly available. Regards