Wild Fig Tree

This wild fig tree (Probably Ficus variegata) grows in northern areas of Pakistan. The strange thing about this tree is that the figs (fruit) grow on trunk and mature branches and that is why it is called "Trunk fruiting fig". Contrary to common figs which ripen in June, these figs ripen in August. It is called "Urmal" in local language Pashto in district Buner, NWFP.

Wild Fig Tree
Wild Figs
Wild Figs
Wild Figs
Wild Figs


Marvin said...

And not only is it trunk-fruiting -- something I've never before seen -- it's really loaded with figs. Thank you for the education.

Tazeen said...

beautiful ....

where was it taken?

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

We have that growng here too Birdy. They love the areas along the river banks and when the fruit gets ripe there is always a big fight between the monkeys and the birds for them What a racket they make!! :)

birdy said...

Thanks you too Marvin, for your visit and nice comment.

Salam Tazeen!
These images were taken in district Buner.

Thanks Joan for the comment and sharing your knowledge.

MObugs said...

What a cool tree. Great photos, isn't nature grand?

Suman said...


Muhammad khabbab said...

i have seen some wild fig trees in Lahore and some of them are fruiting these days as well. they resemble to this one a lot. i wonder if they are same as this one.

birdy said...

Thanks Shelly Cox for the comment. Of course nature is grand.

Thanks Suman for the visit and comment.

Salam Muhammad khabbab!
Your visit and comment is highly appreciated.

Rabia Akram/mania said...

This is my kinda post. I like this post, just wanted to add some additional lines from my side.
Apart from the northern areas, they are also found in other provinces of Pakistan. Also in Punjab.
They are one of the many species of peepal tree.I have this tree in my home garden in Multan too.

All I know, June is the best month of ripening of the fruits. And the fig tree found in my garden, just giving less fruits in the month of August. I dont know why.

birdy said...

Thanks Rabia Akram for your detailed and informative comment. I never saw this fig tree in plain areas of NWFP, particularly in Peshawar, Charsada, Mardan and Swabi. As regard the common figs, they ripen in June, but in the specie I mentioned figs ripen in August.

J.J. Cedar Glader said...

These are wonderful trees, and i love figs!
here in Tennessee in the u.s. all we can grow are mission and brown turkey figs.

dutchbaby said...

Truly peculiar. We have a fig tree in our backyard in California. Its fruit matures very late, starting in September.

Beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

I am from North Punjab and to be honest i have never seen this kind of fig tree before here in the plains of Punjab and As birdy said since they ripe in August then they must grow in the hilly lands .
anyway GREAT shot and the natural spring colors
it almost looks like a tree from heaven .