Mud Nest Pictures

Mud nest of some unknown bee/wasp, I found in a hilly area. It size and shape was just similar to a duck egg. I broke the nest to get an idea about its maker, but I found only a brown spider inside.

Mud Nest
Mud Nest Pic
Mud Nest Pic

Mud Nest of an unknown Mason/Potter Wasp
Mason Wasp


papercages said...

I think it is amazing that insects can build something like that. I guess the spider found a vacant house and moved in. ;)

birdy said...

Hi Tricia!
Thank you very much for stopping by my blog. Finding these types of stuffs increase my interest in bugs and insects. Yes, certainly the spider took advantage of an empty house.

Anna Rose said...

Your page is interesting. Who knows, maybe we have a different kind of spider. There are new species still to be discovered. AR (smile)

birdy said...

Thanks Anna Rose for liking my blog and dropping a comment.I agree with you that there will be a number of species which we have to discover.

jackiie.legs said...

I have found 3 of them at my house in Georgia. 2 had spiders one had bees?

Anonymous said...

We just discovered a nest on a branch of a maple tree in our front yard in Ohio. In researching how to handle this nest, I found that the bees, wasps or hornets actually sting spiders to stun them and them bring them back to the nest as food for their larvae. So, the spiders did not find the nest, they were brought there by the bees.