Green Caterpillar Photos

Green Caterpillars
Green Caterpillar Picture
Green Caterpillar Picture
Green Caterpillar Picture
Green Caterpillar
Green Caterpillar
Green Caterpillar
Green Caterpillar


papercages said...

Those shots are amazing. I'm going to show them to my granddaughter.

Anj said...

WOW!!!! These are very nice photos. what kind of lens did you use? =) i linked your blog entry in my plurk so my friends could view your very nice photos!

birdy said...

Hi Tricia!
Thank you very much for your nice words and appreciation.

birdy said...

Hi Anj!
Thanks for liking my photos. I'm using two lower quality cameras i.e. Fujifilm finepix F-20 and Sony cyber-shot DSC-T9.These photos are taken with Sony cyber-shot DSC-T9 camera. Once again thanks for your nice words and linking my blog.

isya said...

whooo.... freakin hell. those are cool. hey, do u live in malaysia?

Thirsty said...

Cabbage looper, I think - pest.
Love the photos!

Amir Weinstein said...

This caterpillar is belong to the Noctuidae family, probably to the Plusiinae subfamily which include a few genus's which have similar looking larvae.
The best way to know is to rear the caterpillar to adult and then trying to ID. Some time the result can surprising.

birdy said...

Thanks Thirsty and Amir for the comment and identification help. Now I will Google for more information.

Jessica JackKnife said...

what butterfly/moth would this caterpillar turn into?

Birdy said...

Thanks Jessica for you visit and query! I'm so sorry for not responding sooner.
The first 4 pics are most probably of cabbage looper moth cats and the 5th and 6th pics are of vine hawk-moth cats.