Evaniidae Ensign Wasps

Evaniidae is a family of parasitic wasps, generally known as the ensign wasps or hatchet wasps. There are about 400 species of  ensign wasps in 20 extant genera all over the world. The ensign wasp deposits her eggs inside cockroach egg cases, where the larvae develop. Due to this behavior of ensign wasps, They're know as Cockroach Egg Parasitoid Wasps. They're also known as Cockroach Killer Wasps.

Evaniidae-Ensign Wasp


Elettra said...

It 'the first time I've seen this type of wasp, is really interesting !!!!!!!!!!

Scott Simmons said...


Blog Maintainer said...

Thanks a lot for posting this very clear pic of this unique insect that one day was abundant in East Africa... sadly due to the pesticide use it's almost extinct..