Sunset June 24, 2011

Sunset Picture Taken on Friday, June 24, 2011
The end of another hottest Summer day. Today the maximum temperature was 44°C.


Andrea said...

Oh that temperature is certainly extreme. We had 37C last dry season and we cannot get out of the buildings. Yours is terrible. I hope you have rains soon to lessen the heat. What are those people doing in the lake? You should see my skywatch Friday.

birdy said...

Thanks Andrea for your comment and concern. We cannot remain in buildings as we are facing 18 hours electricity load-shedding these days. In the picture you see the lack formed by the leakage of down stream of Tarbela Dam (one of the largest dams of the world). The people come here to take bath in the cold water as well as enjoy the cool breeze blow from the surrounding water.