Black Scavenger Fly

Black Scavenger Fly or Ensign Fly is a common name of flies in the family Sepsidae. There are about 150 species of Black Scavenger Flies. Many species resemble ants having a waist and glossy black body and that's why, they are commonly known as Ant Flies. They are usually found around animals excrement or decaying plants, where they lay eggs and then their larvae live in that material. Being decomposers of animal excrement, they play an important biological role.

Black Scavenger Fly Infested By Mites


Ani said...

Great photographs and info! I have always seen them on animal feces, hence never thought of photographing them :)

The first picture is really great, I have never seen so many mites on a tiny fly. Thanks for sharing!

Kala said...

I've never seen mites on a fly before - you capture some great details in your shots Birdy.

Andrea said...

Hi Birdy, it is lovely not knowing where it emerged from, yaicks! You capture very beautifully those mites, camera also good! BTW, your suggestion in my Skywatch Friday about the spires of the building i posted, i cant fully understand what you said. Moreover, i am maybe 3-4 km from that bldg, so i can't capture it well. I still cannot go nearer for taking its details. Is that what you mean?

birdy said...

Thanks Ani for your visit and feedback. You can also observe them on flowers and leaves.

Thanks Kala for your comment and appreciation.

Thanks Andrea for your comment. It's true that they came from a dirt, but that dirt is a reality and they serve us by decomposing the dirt. As regard my camera, it is not good. I was without camera for about 6 months. Now I went for Canon IXUS 105 camera(cannot afford high quality camera), but it really disappoint me.
My purpose was just to know about the building in your skywatch i.e. what's it?

Simone Prado said...

I greatly appreciate the photos taken very closely. But there are times when, depending on the insect, get nervous ... Very interesting! Congratulations!

Um abraço!

daisugi said...

i love the first one, nice shot!!!

Simone Prado said...

Hi, Birdy! I am very happy about your enthusiastic comment! Thanks for visiting my blog, and come back whenever you want. Thanks a lot. Simone.