A July Sunset

July is the hottest month with us, if there is no rain. Because of scorching sun the air becomes very hot which turn all the things hot and people say that everything got a fever. So the clouds and the sunset are two things people wish for all the day. I took this sunset picture on July 7th, a bright and hot day.

A July Sunset
7 July Sunset


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

That is a stunning shot Birdy. I am looking forward to going back to summer here too. As you know, our seasons are the exact opposite of yours but because we do not get snow here in the northern parts, it is lovely outside and I can walk about during the day in tops with short sleeves or T-shirts. :)

birdy said...

Hi Joan!
Thanks for comment and letting us know about the season in you area. It's nice to hear from you that the winter is not extreme with you and you are enjoying it.

CATGIRL said...

birdy..this one is soo mystifying an gorgeous!!
an doh yess....thanx for joining my blog..am from karachi...and u?? the weather u described is exactlyy same here !!

birdy said...

Thanks Catgirl for visit and dropping a comment. I'm from Swabi, A small town of Khyber PakhtunKhwa.

Philip said...

Great artistic shot I really like the way you positioned the Sun :)