Libellago lineata lineata-Golden Gem

Libellago lineata lineata (Golden Gem) is a small yellow-black damselfly species in the family Chlorocyphidae. This flowing streams species is commonly found in Pakistan. Its wings are longer than its body. The male is black with bright yellow marking and has orange spot at the base and dark-blush spot near the tip of its wings. The male has white-stockinged legs. The female is of a paler yellow-greenish color and has white spots near the tip of its wings.

Damselfly-Golden Gem (Libellago lineata)
Golden Gem Male
Golden Gem Female
Golden Gem Mating Pair
Newly Emerged Male
Newly Emerged Male
Newly Emerged Female


Andrea said...

Hi Birdy, sorry for not dropping by for quite a while. Those photos are very beautiful, i wonder about the length of time you waited before you can get suce poses from them. Very amazing captures! thank you

Kelly said...

I love damsel flies and dragonflies. I really love how you have captured them. Every time I try they just fly away, and plus I don't have that great of a zoom. These are awesome and thank you for sharing.

birdy said...

Thanks Andrea for your feedback. There is no need to say sorry, I love to hear from you even after months. I'm not only an amateur photographer but also a photographer of chance. Generally I don't share my pictures immediately after capturing, but wait till getting a meaning full series of pictures on the same topic. The above series took about seventh months, but still incomplete as the nymph picture is absent.

Bill said...

Wow, the top two photographs are exquisite. Nothing amateurish about them. I love the detail, it will really help me remember what they look like.

Love this site, will stop by again, and thank you.

Anonymous said...

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