Blue Moon

The term "Blue Moon" refers to the second full moon in any solar month. This phenomenon occurs after ever two and half years. Last time the Blue Moon occurred in May 2007. However the Blue Moon on the new year's eve occurs after every 19 years. The next time New Year's Eve will fall on a Blue Moon is 2028. Our people don't celebrate new year night and even a large number don't know about the new year night. So I all alone enjoyed walking in the Blue Moon and took a few pictures of the Moon, though not very clear.

New Year's Eve Blue Moon (31-12-09)
blue moon on 31-12-09blue moon on 31-12-09


cinek-marcinek said...

2028 wow ! :)

Lenora Regan - said...

Thanks for sharing...very cool.

pixelshots said...


a fellow photo blogger. just visited you here and found some nice snaps. Can we link exchange in the blog roll. Please inform if you willing

Osaid said...

I think, the color difference is showing the time period you took for the second shot.. .

birdy said...

Thanks you all for the comments.

Pixelshots, I always appreciate link exchange particularly with photography blogs. I will certainly add your blog to my blog list.

Salam Osaid!
The color difference is because of using different levels of exposure.

kanak7 said...

Hi Birdy,

On New Year's eve, I wasn't aware of the blue moon. Wish I'd taken pictures too! But it's lovely to come here and read all about it.

Wish you a wonderful 2010!

mania said...

Oh I love walking in the moon light but sure wasn't sure about the blue moon. Yes my brother was talking about the blue moon eclipse on new year eve but I didn't take it seriously. sigh I missed the chance.