Neelab Fish Point

Neelab Fish Point is situated on the right bank of downstream of Tarbela Dam (largest dam of Pakistan), near Neelab township (Wapda township) Tarbela. It is on a distance of about 2km from Topi. It is a recreation place, particularly for the residence of District Swabi. A large number of people visit the spot daily to enjoy the river view and eat delicious fish of river Indus (Abassen).

Neelab Fish Point Tarbela
Neelab Fish Huts Hemlet Topi
My two years old son Abdullah is enjoying has stay at the huts.


Kanak Hagjer said...

How wonderful to see this recreational centre! The river view looks lovely...and your toddler is such a cutie!

birdy said...

Thanks Kanak for the comment and compliment about my kid.

Anna said...

Such a beautiful child birdy, and thanks for sharing your photography, such a nice place to be now, especially when we have cold snowy weather here in Canada. Anna :)

Andrea said...

What a beautiful son you have birdy! He will grow up to be a very handsome man! Thanks for your comments on my mushrooms. By the way, it is not an advertisement, just a come-on in the title. Thanks also for adding my blog to your links. I specifically love your butterflies, i hope you will include the plant food for the larvae next time. thanks again.