Stray Cats

Today I'm going to share some pictures of stray cats with you. These stray cats are regular visitors of our home. My kids love to see and feed them.

Stray Cats Pictures
Stray cat picture
Stray cat picture
Stray cat picture
This cat is a regular visitor to our house. Actually she is in love with our calf. She daily spent some time with the calf. Strange but true.
Cat In Love
Stray cat picture

Pictures of Old Coins

Here are pictures of two old coins that I have found in a nearby mound. How old are these coins? I don't know. Lets wait for an expert.
Old Coin Pictures
Old Coin Picture Old Coin Picture
There is a small difference between the size of two coins. Coin #1 is larger then the coin #2. However the pictures on both coins are same. On one side of the coins there is a man riding on a bull, while on the other side the picture is look like a woman.

Edible Wild Berries

This yellow colored edible wild berry is most probably Salmonberry in the family Rosaceae. It's commonly found in northern areas of NWFP. Local people love to eat them. It's called "Goraj" in domestic language Pashto.

Edible Wild Berry Picture
Edible Wild Berry
Edible Wild Berry Plant
Edible Wild Berries Plant

Flowers of Pomegranate

Pomegranate Flowers Pictures
Pomegranate flower picture
Pomegranate flower picturePomegranate flower picturePomegranate flower picturePomegranate flower picture

Photos of Peach Roses

Peach Rose
Peach Rose PicturePeach Rose Picture“The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.”

Common Yellow Mullein Plant and Flowers

Common Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) is known by a number of common names including, great mullein, devil's-tobacco, donkey's ears and torch flower, velvet dock, big taper, candle-wick, flannel-leaf, Jacob's staff, mullein dock blanket-leaf and velvet-leaf. Its a medicinal plant and is widely used for herbal remedies.

Common Mullein Plant
Common Mullein Flower

Funny Gate Photo

I gave this picture a title of " funny gate photo". This is the gate of firewood stall of a well known personality Ghina (Known by: Ka Ka) of our village. Due to rainy season these days it's not in use. The most funny thing of this gate is the lock which you can see in the large image.

Funny Gate Picture

Tiny Wasp Pictures

At my first glance, I consider this bug as an ant, but after looking this picture on my computer, I came to know that this is like a wasp, so I named it "Tiny wasp"

Tiny Wasp Picture


Here are some pictures representing Bamkhel a beautiful village of district Swabi.

Pehur canal Bam khel
Mosque attached with Al-Sidique Islamic Studies Institute Bamkhel
A beautiful mosque at Bam khel

District Headquarter Hospital Swabi

These pictures are taken at District Headquarter Hospital Swabi, Which show the efficiency of hospital staff. Stray dogs are adding to the beauty of this hospital.

District Headquarter Hospital Swabi

Money plant pictures

Money plant (Epipremnum aureum), is an indoor plant which is also known as the Pothos, Silver Vine, Centipede tongavine and Devil's Ivy.

Money Plant Pictures
Money plant
Money plant
Money plant
Money plant
Money plantMoney plant

Plum Tree Pictures

A plum or gage is a stone fruit tree in the genus Prunus, subgenus Prunus. The subgenus is distinguished from other subgenera (peaches, cherries, bird cherries, etc) in the shoots having a terminal bud and the side buds solitary (not clustered), the flowers being grouped 1-5 together on short stems, and the fruit having a groove running down one side, and a smooth stone.

Pictures of plums on tree
Plum Fruits
Plum Fruits
Plum Fruits

Tribulus terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is a flowering plant in the family Zygophyllaceae. It's an unwanted wild weed that have medicinal properties and is used in ayurvedic medicines. It's known by a number of common names including puncture vine, goat head weed, caltrop, bullhead, cat's head, devil's thorn, gokshura, gokharu and Maltese cross.

Tribulus Terrestris
Tribulus terrestris
Tribulus terrestris
Tribulus terrestris
Tribulus Terrestris Fruit
Tribulus terrestris

A wordless picture

I was in search to find some suitable title for this pictures, but as I failed I give it the title "A wordless picture". In this picture a small boy is climbed on a dried tree to collect firewood. In the background there are white clouds in front of blue sky.
Picture taken at Maini, Swabi

Brown caterpillar with red yellow dots

Brown caterpillar with tail and red and yellow dots
Brown caterpillar with red and yellow dots
Brown caterpillar with red and yellow dots
Brown caterpillar with red and yellow dotsBrown caterpillar with red and yellow dots
Brown caterpillar with red and yellow dots

National Flower of Pakistan

Here are few pictures of Jasmine, the national flower of Pakistan. The five petal of jasmine represent the four provinces and center of Pakistan. In this picture there is no harmony in the five petal. The same is here situation in Pakistan.

National Flower of Pakistan
Jasmine flower
Jasmine Flower
Jasmine Flower Bud
Jasmine Plant